Chris Bach's THE THIRD WAY
Chris Bach's THE THIRD WAY
Chris Bach's THE THIRD WAY was conceived and developed by Chris Bach to perfect the relationship between people and dogs by KNOWING more about dogs and dog behavior, LOVING dogs for what they are, and TEACHING dogs how to live in harmony with people.

Want to learn more about THE THIRD WAY? Chris offers:

An entire line of DVDs and books.

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Certification Programs
Home Study Programs
Chris Bach's Consultations
Telephone and Personal Consultations

Let Chris assist you personally in tailoring THE THIRD WAY to meet you and your dog's specific needs.

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Chris Bach's Seminars
Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Chris is no longer available to do seminars or speaking engagements.

She extends her heartfelt gratitude to all her past seminar and engagement hosts and attendees.  She wants all of you to know what a wonderful time she had over the years with you and your precious pooches!


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